Allis Park Satellite Image

Allis Park

Roy Allis was an early, prominent citizen of Oronoco. Mr. Allis donated the park land by the dam to Olmsted County after the present dam was constructed in 1937. A major renovation was done in 1966 which included a new dock and boat launching ramp. Olmsted County provided the materials; the work was done by Pat Hall, the operator of the Oronoco Dam. A 19th-century millstone was mounted in the park, a reminder of the mill that once operated here. This small park is a great place to launch a canoe out into the Zumbro River. Alternatively, it is an excellent destination for a canoe trip that started in the Zumbro River near the New Haven bridge. Foregoing the physical activity, just watching the water can be a mesmerizing form of relaxation. Park facilities also include fishing. The park was severely damaged during the 2010 Flood and was closed until repairs were done in 2017 during the river restoration.

The access to the park is located off MN Ave right by the bridge.