Waling Paths

Oronoco Park

The ‘Picnic Grounds' along the Middle Fork of the North Branch of the Zumbro River date back to the 1890s and was, at one time, a pavilion by the lakeshore was used for public dances. Adjacent to the pavilion was a bowling alley. A baseball field occupied the area of the present picnic shelter and parking lot. The site became the only state park in Olmsted County when it was opened in 1937. The 33-acre park has facilities for camping, picnicking, hiking, and playground. It became Olmsted County's first park in 1968 when the State of Minnesota turned the park over to county management.

Today, Oronoco City Park has all the amenities for family picnics - toys and a play area for children, picnic tables, barbecues, picnic shelter, restrooms, ample parking and a tranquil setting amongst the trees. Oronoco residents and their neighbors gather in the park for the city's annual 4th of July celebration and National Night Out. The kids get a chance to play, and folks renew friendships as well as making new acquaintances. On the Fourth of July, the day concludes with fireworks over the river. On less populated days, the park offers a serene locale for personal moments or reflection.


Location: 310 5th St NW