Curb Stop Notice

June 9, 2016
Resident of Oronoco
Oronoco, MN 55960
Re:  Buried Curb Stops
Dear Homeowner,
The City of Oronoco Public Works Department is requesting that all property owners bring their curb stop up to grade. It seems that many curb stops have been buried under driveways or under landscaping when the building process was completed.
The City has been letting developers and contractors know to make sure that they do not get buried. Unfortunately they are still getting buried. It is homeowner responsibility to get the curb stops up to grade (meaning that they should be seen above ground.)
Please contact your developer, contractor, landscaper, plumber, or whoever buried the curb stop and request their help to locate and fix the issue. Should you need City help, the Public Works Department will charge for this service.
Should you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 507-367-2281.
The Public Works Department
City of Oronoco