2010-09-24 Bridge
2010-09-23 Dam
2010-09-25 Bridge:Dam Debris

Flood 2010

Beginning on September 23rd, 2010, Oronoco endured some of the worst flooding our community has ever encountered. The impact on our community was immediate and will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future. Countless volunteers, agencies, organizations, and government entities worked around the clock to help those who needed help. But, that is just the beginning; now, the cleanup and rebuilding must begin.

As a city, we hope to post any and all information that we are given in regards to the impacts of the flood on this page. We certainly welcome any suggestions, comments, concerns as we move through this process. One thing is clear; Lake Shady will never sparkle in the middle of our community again. Simply put, there is no financial backing for any route to restore the Lake to its' glory days. That being said, we must work tirelessly to restore the Lake bottom to an amenity for this community.

Also, do not forget that many of our neighbors, friends and family need help in our community. There are many opportunities to help the families in our community as well as those surrounding Oronoco. We will also try to keep links posted on this page to those whom are helping our community members in need.

Oronoco may not look the same after the flood, but it will take more than Mother Nature to change the fabric of this community.