Welcome to the City of Oronoco!

There's a reason why people live in small towns. It really comes down to the kind of life you want to live. For the residents of Oronoco, it's a breath of fresh air and a backdrop of cornfields nestled along the bluffs of the Zumbro River Valley. It's the connection of good neighbors and a sky where the stars shine a bit brighter away from the city lights.

From the historic downtown district to the sprawling acreages of newer developments, along with a beautiful park and trail system that continues to expand, many residents in Oronoco admit to feeling just a bit spoiled. Families with children enjoy access to three different school options – Pine Island School District or Rochester Public or Private schools.

The community rallies around annual events like National Night Out and the 4th of July. There's a flurry of activity each summer at Oronoco Gold Rush Days, one of the largest antique shows in the Upper Midwest!

There's no dazzling list of attractions or four-star resorts, but that is okay. In fact, that's where it gets good! Oronoco is a short 5-mile zip away from Rochester, a vibrant city of cultural diversity, fine dining and endless shopping. Combine small town values with close proximity to both Rochester and the Twin Cities, and you've got yourself a hidden gem. It's no surprise that more businesses are taking a look! Poised for growth with easy access to any direction, Oronoco is a secret waiting to be shared.

A simple drive through the neighborhoods may leave you wanting to relocate to a place just like this; a safe community with some elbow room where the big city is still within easy reach. Find out for yourself why “awesome” and Oronoco really do belong in the same sentence!



Last updated 6/24/2024